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How It Works

Its very simple just 4 basic steps

1. Choose your company name
  • Choose your desired company name from our free facility search box
  • 99% of times you always get the name you want but if not you shall be prompted instantly
2. Select our package
  • We have 4 packages that you can choose from which has got its details mentioned
  1. Basic
  2. Basic Plus
  3. Ultimate
  4. Customised
  • To make it more easy you can view our package comparison chart to see what you can get with your chosen package
3. Pay & Confirm
  • Once you have selected your desired package ,click on next
  • You shall be asked to pay through our secured payment methods
  • Which will then ask to to fill in your appointed Director (s),secretary and shareholders
  • This will then submit your request to companies house for registration
4. Relax and let us do the rest.
  • We shall email you your confirmation in the next 3 hrs*.

*This is subject to companies house approval

That’s how simple it is